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Seven Million bulbs

Fields of Flowers


KEUKENHOF....March to May is peak tulip season in the Netherlands. .So, I had to make a trip to see the tulips in bloom. .After asking around, I learned that Keukenhof, near Haarlem, was the place to go to if you wanted to see flowers. .But believe me, I wasn't the only one who wanted to see tulips in Holland.

I took a bus tour with friends from school. .It was really convenient. I didn't have to figure out where to drive or how to make train connections. .And, the price of 28 Euros included the entrance to the park. .If I had taken the train, it would have cost 30 Euros and then another 11 for park entrance. So, what a deal!

Arrival at Keukenhof resembled something like driving up to Disneyland. There were hundreds of buses and thousands of cars. It really was an amusement park kind of crowd. .I couldn't imagine so many people coming to see flowers. .But, Keukenhof is also kind of hard to imagine. There were seven million tulips. Yes, 7 MILLION! You can't imagine the color - or the hours it would take to keep the gardens as spectacularly groomed as they were. I liked the manicured gardens but my favorite part was really the fields filled with rows and rows of tulips. .It was color overload and such a nice trip.

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