Stone villages Stone stairways

HVAR..... The island of Hvar was so rocky. And, when you live in a place that's so rocky, you use those rocks for everything. Rocks were used for terraces and fences throughout the countryside. Those same rocks were used for the houses, terraces, and steps throughout every town and village. And, of course, if you were any kind of medieval town with any kind of pride, the rocks were also used to build the fortress that overlooked the town.


Stone terraces Stone fences

Upon arrival in Havr city, I strolled the old part of the city and the harbor. It was beautiful to wander and so quiet. It was not peak tourist season, and I only saw one tourist shop open, selling the lavender products that the island is famous for. All the other shops and booths were closed.


And, of course, a stone castle Olives with stones

Life on the islands was at a much slower pace. And, a day trip just didn't do it. Part of that relaxed lifestyle was clearly evident in shopping hours. Most stores closed at noon. Open up an hour later? Not in Hvar. Stores varied when they reopened. Some didn't. Some opened up four, five or six hours later. So, if I didn't get to the shop before it closed at noon, I wasn't going to shop. They opened up again after I was sailing back to Split. Lesson learned: If I ever go back to one of these islands, it'll be at the very least an overnighter. Without the rushed feeling to see all that I should, I could also enjoy those long afternoon siestas.


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