the Land Gate

KORCULA.,,,,..I learned on this trip that there was a �ch� sound in the middle of the name. I already knew that it was the home of Marco Polo, except in Korcula it�s spelled �Marko�. I figured that since I have traveled the world so much, I owed it to myself to make a pilgrimage to his home.

As the bus turned the corner on the mountain top and I saw Korcula below, I thought, �What a charming city!� The medieval walled town was perfectly set on the tip of a peninsula jutting into the Peljesac Channel. A grand stairway called the Land Gate (Kopnena Vrata) from the 1650�s lead up to old Korcula�s city wall, which was built and expanded for protection in the14th, 15th, and 16th centuries. And, not far beyond that was a woman who lead me on to my rented apartment. It would have been impossible to get lost in the old town; it was so small! But, it would have equally been impossible to find the apartment without help. It wasn�t well marked and all the streets tended to look alike.

I figured that there would be some grand and noble statue of Marco Polo somewhere. Nope, but there was a metal portrait of him outside his home, a museum (closed for renovations). I guess Korcula relied more on its sunshine than its history for tourism.


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