the Land Gate

MARCO POLO .,,,,..He was only 17 when Marco Polo set out with his father Nikola and his uncle Mate in 1254 on a journey to explore the Silk Road. He didnít find his way back to Korcula for 24 years. He came back with so many things that hadnít been seen in Europe before. Rice, silk, pasta, spices, porcelain, and even ice cream! (Not sure how that was transported.)

Polo made his fortune along with his fame while trading through Asia. But, upon his return to Europe, he moved to Venice to continue in trade. There are scholars who dispute the fact that Marco Polo was born in Korcula and claim his home was always Venice. But, for certain, In 1298 Polo was a commander for Venice in a naval battle just outside of Korculaís walls against the rival city, Genoa. And, he lost.

The battle left over 7,000 dead and 7,400 (including Marco) in prison. Making lemonade out of lemons, Polo wrote his first book, Il Millione, during this prison time. The book told of his travels and adventures across Asia. But just before his death, Polo said he didnít write half of what happened because he was sure nobody would have believed him.


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