SPLIT...You'd be hard pressed to find a more beautiful location that Split. It's a harbor town on the Adriatic Sea with islands dotting the nearby coast. My hotel was located in the center of the oldest part of the city, in the grounds of Diocletian's palace. It was an amazing maze of ancient ruins converted into designer boutiques, private homes, and museums. I roamed among the Roman ruins for quite some time -- in the dark -- before I could find my hotel. In the light of day, and without my luggage, it was much easier to find my way around Split.

The guidebook described the old part of the city as a domino. One half of the domino was Diocletian's palace and the other half of the domino was the medieval city that grew up next to it. Eventually, the palace was abandoned when Split was rampaged by Slavs in 641 A.D. The grounds were claimed as a residence for many non-emperors of the city. None of those people had a sense of preserving historical sites for future generations. Houses were added wherever needed. Windows were block up. Archways were filled to make walls. The architecture along the Riva, Split's main pedestrian walkway, is quite an unusual mix. You still see original pillars and archways mixed with later additions. The changes continued as the medieval city grew around the 14th century. And, the changes still continue.


the Riva  
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