A touch of Art Nouveau at the Palace Hotel

ZAGREB....I wasn't exactly sure how to find my hotel upon arrival. But, getting from the airport to the city was fairly easy. Now, if there is a chance to get on a tram and go the wrong direction, I'm one of those people who usually will make that choice. The tram was easy to find but the direction was another story. The tram went in two directions, but to places that were impossible to pronounce. I took the one that began with the letter "s" and learned that it went "south". That wasn't the direction I needed. So, I hopped off and tried the other direction that began with a "c". And, sure enough, it headed for the "center" of Zagreb. A stop was just next to my hotel.

The guide book said the tourists usually only take tram 6 because it runs from the city center to the train station. Perhaps I've lived in Europe too long because I didn't think it was a very long walk. It was also a beautiful walk with very elegant buildings lining both sides. There were also a couple of parks along the way with fountains, statues, and autumn colors. Just like Budapest, Zagreb used to be two cities that eventually grew into each other, Kaptol and Gradec.


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