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another way over the bridge

CHARLES BRIDGE . ..From Old Town to Mala Strana (Little Quarter) you gotta cross the Charles Bridge one time. This bridge is one of the most spectacular bridges in Europe. From it, you can view Prague's Baroque domes, Gothic spires, medieval towers, Renaissance gables, and tourists.. Yes, every single tourist in the city seems to be on that bridge. It really is a human traffic jam. It's why every self-respecting citizen of the city avoids the place..

Fortunately, it isn't 1741 any more, when only this bridge connected the city. There are several other bridges that span the Vtlava River. And, it's so much more convenient to use other bridges. But, you must face the crowds at least once and join the souvenir hawkers, artists, tourists, and pickpockets who come to enjoy the views, admire the statues that line the bridge, or try to make or spend a few Czech koruny.


Among the hoards
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