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Death in action

CLOCK TOWER . ..Wander in and around Old Town and you'll eventually find the center square.. It has been a market square since the 11th century.. But, the market stalls have long been replaced by cafes, souvenirs hawkers, horse drawn buggies and antique cars for tourists.. You can't miss them. But, it seems to be most famous for the clock tower.. You can't miss it.. Every hour, on the hour, a vast hoard of tourists gathered in front of the astronomical clock.

The show is over almost before you know it, but at the top of each hour, Death pulls a string and a procession of the 12 apostles passes by the two open doors at the top.. But even without the show, the clock is a wonder.. Built 500 years ago, it's an absolute marvel.. Of course it tells the correct time, unless it happens to be Daylight Savings Time, but it also show sunrise and sunset.


the hoards
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