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The Cubism Museum Museum Stairwell

CUBISM. .... I, of course, had heard of Cubism, but I only thought it had to do with painting. It wasn't until I visited Prague that I realized it was also a movement in pottery, furniture and architecture. I needed to explore the Cubism Museum which had examples of all of this.

The movement of Czech Cubism (1910 - 1914) came about as a revolt against the floweriness of Art Nouveau. Pavel Janak, Josef Gocar, Josef Chochol and Vlastislav Hofman (among others) took the Cubist principles found in the paintings of Picasso and Braque and applied them to their creations. The work had a distinctive angular style, with more triangles than square corners, sharp points, slicing planes, and crystalline shapes. These artists considered the pyramid to be the pinnacle of architectural design and the crystal the ideal natural form.


the Palac Adria
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