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JOHN LENNON MEMORIAL WALL. ..I travel with a small list of must see items.. Everything else is extra dessert.. And, one piece of dessert that I didn't expect to see was the Lennon Wall..

Now, I can't imagine graffiti was condoned in the communist era.. But, when John Lennon was killed in 1980, a graffiti memorial wall was started.. The communists painted over the wall night after night, but those inspired by Lennon and hoping for a better future repainted the wall day after day.. Who would have dreamed that they would get that freedom in just nine years?. I really wish I had been the first person to grab a can of spray paint there!. Now, it isn't any problem to add to the wall.. It is a living, growing piece of art.. People from all over the world come to see the wall, sign it with their friends, photograph the memories, and imagine the possibilities.


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