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Alphonse Mucha

ART NOUVEAU . ....Not to be missed, although it was on my first visit, is the Mucha Museum.. Alphonse Mucha, 1860 - 1939, is one of the leading founders of the Art Nouveau movement.. His big break came in 1894 when he was asked to create a last minute poster for a performance by Sarah Bernhardt.. When the posters of Gismonda went up around Paris, the 34 year old artist became the talk of the town and Art Nouveau was born.

The museum is small, smaller than I expected, but there are a lot of the original posters on display as well as a very informative video.. Included in the displays are photos of the artist and his models.. Mucha was arrested when the Nazis invaded Czechoslovakia.. I'm not sure what they thought they could get out of an old man.. But when he was released, his health was broken, and he died shortly before his 79th birthday.


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