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Homage to Prague

MUNICIPAL HOUSE . ....The Municipal House is Prague's most prominent Art Nouveau building.. Built in the early 1900's, it stands as a monument to all of the Czech Art Nouveau masters.. And, it is magnificent inside and outside.. Before entering, you must admire the mosaic by Karel Spillar entitled Homage to Prague atop the front facade.. But, it isn't the only beautiful piece on the outside.. And, then, when you go inside, the place is fabulously designed with renovated Art Nouveau treasures in the cafes, concert halls, stairwells, elevators, and winding passageways.

It's hard to imagine that the building was considered out of date even upon its completion in 1911.. The Cubism Museum, completed the same year, was considered the new and modern wave of the future.. Well, some may consider it out of date and others may think the renovations were over the top, but I considered it a treasure.


the Entrance Mucha's interior
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