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TALLINN . ..My trip to Estonia started at breakfast in Albania. It was my final morning in Gjirokaster when I met a connection that brought me to Tallinn.

I must say, Tallinn is one of Europe's little secrets. The Old Town was so charming to stroll. Of course, it didn't hurt to have blue skies and puffy clouds. And, waiters and store clerks dressed in medieval costumes certainly added to the atmosphere. It was lovely to wander the cobblestone streets, discovering the secrets behind the old town walls. The Russian Orthodox church was one of the most beautiful churches I'd ever seen.


If you like amber, Estonia is one of the places to buy it. But, my tastes run too high. The necklace that I thought would look beautiful on my walls was over $1000.

I took photos instead.


I was told that 95% of the tourist in Tallinn spend their time in Old Town. It is completely understandable. It is delightful. I was lucky enough to have local Estonina connections. My murals were in a neighborhood that tourists didn't visit. And, I had one afternoon trip around the city that was not inside old walls.


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