Of course, I took no photos in the sauna so I include winter wonders outside.

SAUNA...... I figured, I'd had saunas all over the world. I might as well have one in the land where they were invented. Half the fun was not getting to Santa Sport Center. At the information center, I learned that buses didn't run there until the early afternoon. How stupid was that? So I decided to hike it. Again, how stupid was that? Fortunately, I crossed a bridge and got beautiful photos of ice covered trees. That's about all I can think of to be thankful for. It was a long hike, in the frozen cold of -21 degrees, and not clearly marked. I was extremely frustrated upon arrival, and then, I learned that the sauna didn't open until two in the afternoon. One more time, how stupid was that? I, however, had my laptop and two books. I was ready for anything except a walk back to Rovaniemi.


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