My ride was at night, but I went back in the daylight for photos.

REINDEER SLEIGH RIDE...... Dashing though the snow, in a one horse . . . er, reindeer . . . open sleigh. Well, it wasn't exactly dashing, but it was certainly cold and snowy. Part of the tour cost (and it was costly) included a winter jumpsuit to go on over the winter clothing I already wore. I felt just like a toddler, bundled up so much in winter clothing that it was hard to move. When I sat down in the sleigh, I didn't move at all. It didn't matter that the reindeer pulling the sleigh behind me occasionally poked me in the back with his antlers. There was no moving out of his way.


The ride was really beautiful. It was a clear night with stars scattered across the sky. Out in the wilderness, there were no lights (not even northern ones) to hide the stars. I did hope for those elusive northern lights, but it was hope in vain. Eventually I gave up even thinking they were a possibility.

Reindeer were used for many things, and that did include eating. Reindeer meat was too expensive for a regular Finnish dish, but it was eaten and available at 25 Euros a kilo. Since our guide's father was a reindeer herder, her family had it once a week. It wasn't special enough for Christmas dinner. No, her family preferred pork.


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