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Winged Victory Venus de Milo

LOUVRE....You gotta see this. However, I recommend it in small doses. It's amazingly huge. And, if you want to see everything, prepare yourself with comfortable shoes. However, that isn't my number one recommendation. Above all else, get yourself a two day museum pass and avoid the long lines. That pass is worth every euro cent!

The Louvre has so many world treasures. Most of them get passed by as the hords race for Winged Victory, Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa. The last one, is surprisingly small and nearly impossible to see. The mob of tourists flashing cameras, pushing and shoving for the right angle, is even more interesting than the actual painting.


Fighting for just the right photo  

In a much calmer corner of the Louvre, my personal favorite item to take in is Hammurabi's stelae. Hardly anyone rushes to see it and there were long moments of silence as I enjoyed the subject of my very first website.


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