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Citizenship. With the students of Zola, Phillip Martin has made his 17th mural theme, the first in France. The Wall of Friendship

When Phillip Martin, American muralist, travels the world as a volunteer muralist with children and adolescents, he never travels with a design prepared in advance. He is more interested in collaborating and customizing the project upon arrival with his local connections. Although not as famous as Cezanne, his ambition is to bring a little happiness and color to the world's youth.

On the initiative of Magalie Lombrana, an English teacher at LP Zola, students of Emile Zola High School (both general and professional) painted side by side for a week on a mural 2 by 5 yards, under the benevolent supervision of the artist. The murals design has a heart-shaped planet whose arteries lead to different aspects of friendship and in all languages. The project aims included art, culture, language and especially citizenship.

The students not only had the opportunity to participate in the design of the mural, but also to broaden their horizons by interacting with the muralist in English and to practice their professional skills. During the process, through team building activities, students worked as painters, reporters, photographers, radio and press newscasters, tutors for the younger students, tour guides, poets. . . In total the project mobilized during the first week of October over a hundred people from the pupils to administrative staff. And the rich experience has not stopped. In the spring, the second class of Hilda Ikhennicheu will create a second wall of friendship in a primary school in Aix-en-Provence, thanks to a donation of paint and materials by the Leroy Merlin company of Plan de Campaign. As for Phillip Martin, he was preparing to leave for his next mural at an orphanage in Mexico.

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