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NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL .A friend had to go to Paris to work and invited me along.. He did the web site for the Cathedral of Notre Dame (Something that impressed me no end!) and called the place "his office".. And, when working for Notre Dame, he had free lodging in an apartment under the shadow of the cathedral.

My friend spent Saturday working on their site.. I, on the other hand, went to Paris to play.. I toured the cathedral and went to see the Matisse / Picasso exhibition.. But, in the afternoon, I got a very interesting call on my mobile.. The rector of the cathedral had said, "I need a cartoonist for this site.. It has to be someone who can draw cartoons that especially appeal to children."

My friend said, "I already have the artist you need, and I brought him to Paris with me."

So, I was soon on my way to meet the rector.. It's one thing to say you can draw, but I pulled up my website to show examples of my work.. The rector was simply blown away by my artwork.. And, I was hired.. I didn't know exactly what I'd be doing for them, but right away it was clear that I had what they wanted.. So, there would be even more trips to Paris to work at "the office".


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