Useful Information while in Hungary

When you arrive in Budapest, do not convert any money at the airport. The exchange rate is terrible. There are taxis but no trains or buses into the city. You can get a minbus directly to your hotel for a good rate, but it can be purchased in Euros instead of Hungarian Forints.

There are Budapest Cards advertised for discounts at museums and free public transportation. The idea is good, but I didn't see them as a good option. They cost about 35 Euros a day. Nobody rides that much public transportation or sees that many museums in a day.

Folklore at Budai VIgadó
Looking for a Good Place to Eat?
Corvin tér 8
on the Buda Side
Phone 317 - 27 - 54
Avoid the places around Vci utca. They are so expensive. A ten minute walk away is Raday utca with a delicious variety to choose from and very reasonable. It is so worth the walk.
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