Why Fatal? Paprika? the Parliament Building on the Danube

BUDAPEST OrNow, my guess is communism didn't have a lot of good things to say about it. However, Hungary had their own version that was called "goulash communism". It was said to be a little more laid back and Budapest even had a McDonald's, the only one behind the Iron Curtain. I must say though, on my first trip to Hungary when it was communist, the guard at the border was so friendly and was thrilled when I wanted to take his picture. Maybe there was a little goulash?

So much had changed in Hungary since that first visit. Part of that experience had to be colored by the rain and grey skies every day. I don't remember any color except grey anywhere. Now, Budapest is a thriving city full of color, life, and a lot of the embarrassing American fast foods chains that seem to be everywhere on the planet.

There are many things to see while wandering the city. Top of my list included a tour inside and around the Parliament buildling. After that, there is Castle Hill, the Basilica, Gallért Hill, the Great Market Hall , Statue Park, and a cultural show that included a night cruise on the Danube. And, if your feet get tired and you want to kick back, Budapest is a city of thermal spas. It's one of those "must do" experiences.


Burger King, oh la la! the Chain Bridge from Buda
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