STATUE PARK ..... I loved strolling through Budapest! There were so many beautiful statues scattered throughout the city in unexpected locations. In the past, there were a few more put there by the Russians. But, with the fall of communism, some of the statues came down, too. And, somebody had the idea to collect them and put them in a park to the southwest of town.

It is very clear that creativity was discouraged under the Soviet regime. Art was important only if it furthered the cause of the state. Aside from the statues of Lenin and Stalin, most of the figures in the statues were carved in stiff, unnatural poses, saluting the state, or waving Soviet flags.

If you are seriously in to the Communist era, then this park could be considered a "must see" site. However, to be honest, I have to say that it felt like the only real rip-off I encountered. The bus tour and gate entrance cost more than a night of extremely entertaining cultural dance and music. It would be much cheaper if you could get there without the tour. However, since so little English is spoken in Hungary, the bus tour is really a convenient option. But, once you get to the park, everything can be seen in about fifteen minutes.


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