PIAZZALE MICHELANGELO .. With guidebook in hand, there is a beautiful hike from the Ponte Vecchio bridge to the outskirts of Florence. But, it felt like it was uphill all of the way. Along the journey through winding streets, hikers pass the home of Galileo. Well, you are supposed to. I went there twice looking for it and never found the place.

Continuing uphill the trail passes the oldest city gate to survive antiquity, built in 1260 and a Unesco World Heritage site. Right next to it was a defensive fort built in 1590. Down (yes, finally down) the mountain along an old wall (1258) and up another towards the one more church. All exhaustion evaporated upon arrival at the Piazzale Michelangelo. Dotted with statues of the master (as well as souvenir stands that hawked versions of his work which would have him spinning in his grave), this little park provided an impressive view of Florence and the Arno River.


David, and those souvenirs that he probably wouldn't like very much
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