the Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain

the Coliseum


ROME ......I always knew that Rome was called "the Eternal City" but you have to actually be there to see how appropriate that title really is. There was art and history everywhere I turned. Even in the cold of January, it was a delight to tour. And, I toured.

My first destination was the Spanish Steps. I'd only heard of them on a television commercial. But, the location was pretty central to things I wanted to see, so I had a destination. The wide steps with a spacious area in front of them formed a beautiful meeting place in the city. From there I walked to Trevi Fountain which really surprised me. It was a magnificent, huge fountain tucked away in a small intersection of Rome.

Near the Colosseum, I strolled through the Forum. It was the center of daily life in ancient Rome. Of course, it reminded me of the play I was once in, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum". There weren't three women (well, two women and a hairy guy with a wig) chasing after me at the Forum. But, I guess you had to see the play to appreciate that.

Of course, when in Rome, you can't just stay in Rome. You have to go to the Vatican.

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