CHISINAU....You say it just like it looks, "KISH in now".The capital city of Moldova is the largest city in the country. And, just in case you've never heard of it before, it might help to know it used to be called Kishinev.

The main street in the downtown area is Stefan cel Mare, named after the national hero who resisted the Ottomans back in the 1400's. Across from City Hall, there is a star on the sidewalk, marking the center of the country. If you stand facing away from it, and toss a coin behind you, it will tell you where you will next travel. I am off to Siberia, it seems.

There were not a lot of souvenir shops in Moldova. At least, I didn't find them. However, also on Stefan cel Mare and just down the road from City Hall, is a park where local art and Soviet era souvenirs are sold. Want a Russian Navy sailor's cap, a Putin T-shirt or communist pins? This is where you get them. If that doesn't do it for you, you can always stroll the market or stroll to one of the many Orthodox churches in town.
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