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ORHEIUL VECHI....Tourist information declares that the archaeological and historical complex at Orheilu Vechi is the remains of the ancient city Old Orhei that dates back to the Paleolithic and Iron Age. There is also an old fortress and monastery dating back to the 14th century. Someone I met told me that if you let your phone ring inside the monastery, one of the monks will kick you out. He had first hand experience; he was kicked out twice. So, when I asked my friends at the embassy where I should go for the weekend, everyone agreed on this location.

I managed to miss all the history. I arrived at my hotel with a fever. It progressed into a bronchial infection. I needed sleep. I spent most of my weekend in bed. And, I needed antibiotics - not a real easy thing to do in a rural village with no doctor or pharmacy. But, all things are possible.

On my final morning, I managed to walk up and down the main road of the village where almost every yard had flowers and vegetables. But, that was nowhere close to what I was supposed to see. Fortunately for me, the embassy expressed a serious interest in my return for more murals. So, hopefully, I'll have a healthy visit to Orheiul Vechi in my future.

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