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TIRASPOL....The name of the capital city means "city by the river". So, it isn't hard to guess what you'll find on a stroll downtown. The city deserves its name.

Although the area had been populated by various groups for centuries, the Russian Empire grabbed the land from the Ottoman Empire in 1792. That's when generalissimo Alexander Suvorov founded the city. Right in the central park of Tiraspol is a statue of the hero blazing a trail atop his gallant steed. It was created to celebrate the city's 250th anniversary in 1979.


A stroll of the downtown includes a few statues of Lenin, a modern new market place down the street from the Orthodox Church, and the Monument Plaza. And, of course, you'll see signs that commemorate Transnistria's "independence" which has yet to be acknowledged by any member of the United Nations.

City architecture varys from new and modern glass, grand old styles (many under renovation) and a lot of old Soviet apartment buildings (which can only be helped with imaginative ways to paint them). And, if you're really lucky, someone might thoughtfully buy you some flowers, available on many street corners.
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