Castelo de Sao Jorge
Downtown plaza

LISBOA. .The internet has changed the way I travel. I used to buy travel guide books, photocopy information, and come prepared. Or, at least the very least I read my materials on the plane. Now, I come prepared with a laptop and stay at places with wireless connections. And when I found my hotel, online, checking for wireless options was one of the requirements. So, I came to Lisbon, and then discovered what I wanted to see. I may not have seen everything, but that isn't important in my travels. I don't like to run around like crazy. I prefer to have a short list of "must see" places and everything else is dessert. There's a lot of dessert in Lisbon.

I loved strolling the city center, Baixa, and the old quarter of the city, Alfama (that naturally had a castle.) I'm a slight culture vulture, so the one museum I opted for was the Tile Museum. And, if there are UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Belém Tower and the Jeronimos Monastery which were just around the corner from the Discoveries Monument, they needed to be explored. The only thing I knew in advance, from a friend who had visited Portugal before, was that I needed to hear Fado music. I knew nothing about it, but I was a man on a mission. And, in Lisbon, it isn't hard to find Fado music.


Walking through the Old Town
Tiled Buildings
Overlooking Lisbon
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