Castelo de Sao Jorge
Downtown plaza

LISBOA. .The internet has changed the way I travel. I used to buy travel guide books, photocopy information, and come prepared. Or, at least the very least I read my materials on the plane. Now, I come prepared with a laptop and stay at places with wireless connections. And when I found my hotel, online, checking for wireless options was one of the requirements. So, I came to Lisbon, and then discovered what I wanted to see. I may not have seen everything, but that isn't important in my travels. I don't like to run around like crazy. I prefer to have a short list of "must see" places and everything else is dessert. There's a lot of dessert in Lisbon.

I loved strolling the city center, Baixa, and the old quarter of the city, Alfama (that naturally had a castle.) I'm a slight culture vulture, so the one museum I opted for was the Tile Museum. And, if there are UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Bel�m Tower and the Jeronimos Monastery which were just around the corner from the Discoveries Monument, they needed to be explored. The only thing I knew in advance, from a friend who had visited Portugal before, was that I needed to hear Fado music. I knew nothing about it, but I was a man on a mission. And, in Lisbon, it isn't hard to find Fado music.


Walking through the Old Town
Tiled Buildings
Overlooking Lisbon
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