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Iasi .....A walking tour of Iasi held one surprise after another in a very charming city center. Iasi was the home of Mihai Eminescu (Romania's favorite poet) and the first university in the country. Any "must see" list would need to include Cetatuia Monastery, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Theater, the Church of the Three Hierarchs and the Palace of Culture.

Cetatuia (Citadel) Monastery. ...Although built on a hill overlooking the city, once you enter it's gates you are in another world. And, in another time, since it was constructed in 1669.

The first thing that I noticed inside the church was that the paintings were almost black from centuries of candles. That was nothing like what I had seen at the painted monasteries. Serious restoration and cleaning had taken place in Bucovina. Live (and travel) and learn.

Much to my delight I had a private tour, in English no less. And, it did include the wine cellar. I had local red wine, white wine and the Moldavian version of horinca (fire made from plums) called tuica (fire made from grapes).


Cetatuia Monastery
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