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the original home

POIANA NEGOSTARULUI ......A student sharing personal photos of his trip to Romania was the reason for my visit. Part of my tour included a trip to that village that he visited in the spring. It was really in the middle of a forest. According to the story I heard, originally the inhabitants were horse thieves and needed a place of seclusion. They certainly found that seclusion, even though there were now scattered satellite dishes, electricity, and the school had Internet.

There were also people in need. A newspaper report in a Bucharest paper talked about two orphan boys who had one pair of shoes. They alternated wearing the shoes so that more than one child could attend school. When a businessman in the capital read about them, he was moved into action. The children were located in what couldn't be called a home. It was a hut without roof or windows -- in the middle of the winter! There was, however, an icon of Mary, whom the children prayed to for help.


  Traditional Gate

They got that help and more than they could have ever asked for. A new home was built next to their former shelter. The place was furnished, kids received hope, medical care, education and a future. Children that were once afraid and unable to trust others learned to laugh and smile. And, of course, they were given shoes.

When I visited the place, I suggested they also receive some color.


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