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Mural 3 in Romania

POIANA NEGOSTARULUI ......I designed a mural to be educational as well as colorful. It included a map of the Romania broken into the different regions. The three buildings are important landmarks (the clock tower of Sighisoara, the wooden churches of Maramures and the painted churches in Southern Bucavino). I added four gypsy children around a horse cart.


The event really was a community celebration. A retired baker made sweet bread, pizza, and cheese pastry in the huge oven next to the house. At the end of two days that were not as long as I would have imagined, the mural was completed. I had a lot of help from neighbors, family, and sponsors. Most satisfying of all, the children painted. I was glad that it wasn't just something that they were given. They helped to create the mural during two days that they would never forget.


Scroll here to see final mural

A special thanks must go to Den Braven Romania for sponsoring the project. The mural never could have been made without their help.

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