Looking up at the crags

SALISBURY CRAGS . .The cliff face of Salisbury Crags, that overlooks the city of Edinburgh like a fortress, was formed by glaciers. That creation happened approximately 340 million years ago.

You can hike to your heart's content at the crags. There is a nice path that leads up along the base of the cliffs. However, if you choose the high road (which you are supposed to do in Scotland) there are numberous paths that take you much higher. I personally prefer the view looking up at nature instead of looking down at civilization.

The golden yellow of the Gorse bushes next to the brilliant blue skies reminded me of a Van Gogh painting. Naturally, I had to love that.


Fortunately, there was another posted sign that had all of the information that I really needed. "This grand residence began as a small rectangular house in the 1500's. However, its location close to Stirling Castle made it a desirable property and it was extended over the next two hundred years to the mansion you see today."

"William Alexander, Earl of Stirling, acquired the building in the 1630's and immediately started work to enlarge it. He added the east range of the house which included an imposing ground floor entrance and hall, a high dining room above, and several bedchambers. William Alexander died in 1640 and in 1665 the Town Council proposed to convert the house into a poor house - they even furnished it with beds - but the scheme was never carried out because in 1666 the house was bought by Archibald Campbell, the 9th Earl of Argyll."


The view from above  
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