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EDINBURGH . .Scotland's capital appeared to sprawl in every direction with charming stone buildings. Old stone homes were nestled into comfortable neighborhoods throughout the city, beautiful to stroll among. And, I strolled a lot in Edinburgh. But, perhaps my delight in the city must be taken with a wee bit of salt. It was a sunny, glorious weekend after record months of winter cold. I really have no idea what winter in Edinburgh is like.


Garden Walkway along Princes Street

As I said, there is a lot of walking to be done. And, for a tourist, a lot of that is along Princes Street with all it's designer shops and the Royal Mile filled with hawkers, tourists, and artists along the way to Edinburgh Castle.


You see a lot of tartan patterns in Edinburgh. Much to my delight, you still see people wearing kilts, which are considered perfect attire for dress up occasions. Lots of tourists buy kilts (not guilty) or plaid scarves (guilty). I might have been more tempted if I could have found something from the Martin clan. I didn't even know Martin was a Scottish name. I learned that they were closely associated with two other clans, both with scarves and kilts easily available. I might some day consider a Cameron scarf, but there is no way I'd ever get one from MacDonald's!


The Scott Monument  

Scotland is the home of Sir Walter Scott, Ian Flemming, Sean Connery and so many more names I'm not including. If you want to see the sights for the filming of Braveheart and the Harry Potter series, tour Stirling Castle and nearby Loch Lomond, climb the Salisbury Crags, explore the countryside for views that usually are reserved for postcards and calendars, then there are day trips awaiting you. One day trip, that is oh so long but oh so necessary, is a trip to Loch Ness.


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