Who cares about bad weather when there is caffeine?

Caffeine @ddiction ......... I visited Slovakia in November. When you visit Europe in November, you don't expect warmth and sunshine. There was a lot of cold weather, gray skies and rain on this trip. But, one of the best things about Europe is its many cafés (both indoors and out). And, when the weather is miserable, it's a delicious excuse for a cappuccino. Of course, I rarely need any excuse to enjoy caffeine in Europe.

Additionally, some of the best tour guides anywhere are waiters. They know everything that a tourist may need to know. All, every single one, every waiter I met in Bratislava was delightful.

You don't need to be a tourist to enjoy the cafés in the old town. Local Slovakians visit them as well. But, I have to say, it was like no experience I ever saw in the United States or any place else for that matter.

Remember, I said it was cold. Young couples with infants were prepared for the weather. Strollers packed kids up in thermal bundles that no chill was going to invade.

Remember, I also said that the old town was no longer dirty and dangerous.

Papa checked on the baby before returning to his brew.
Still, I couldn't believe it when I saw a young couple park their stroller - and their baby - outside of the café when they came in for their favorite brews. It wasn't possible to hide the shock on five American faces at our table. The couple saw it and smiled. Their baby, clearly in view, was snug as a bug in a thermal rug and safely breathing a whole lot of fresh air.
As you can see, little kids in Slovakia survive all that fresh air.
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