the smells of Christmas

Christmas in Bratislava ......... Christmas markets are such a festive event in Europe. The experience is an overload of colors, smells, sights and sounds. Bratislava is no exception. Above the usual hustle and bustle of the crowds are Christmas songs sung live by young adults in traditional costumes. And, I'm a sucker for anyone wearing traditional clothing.

and the tastes of Christmas

The smell of grilled sauerkraut, onions and sausage permeates the marketplace in the main square. If you want a completely traditional Christmas meal in Slovakia, it includes cabbage soup (kapustnica), fried fish and potato salad. I have to say that I'd only eat the third choice. Potatoes, prepared any way, are my favorite food.


Of course, even better than anything fried up with all kinds of oil, is a pastry covered with lots of sugar, cinnamon or vanilla. In Slovakia (as well as the Czech Republic and Hungary) the traditional option is trdelnik. I don't know how to actually pronounce it, but it looks suspiciously like "turtleneck". The dessert is cooked over hot coals, toasted a golden brown, sprinkled with any of those three options and served up warm. And, just like other fried foods you can think of, it is finger lickin' good.

Just a spoonful of sugar . . .
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