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The Globe Theater....The recreation of the Shakespeare's Elizabethan theater used looks like it did in 1599. It is complete with enormous beams and thatched roof. It is the first building with a thatched roof allowed to be built in London since the Great Fire of 1666. Understandable since that roof is why the theater burned to the ground in 1613. During a production of Henry the Eighth, a stage cannon misfired and ignited everything. My guess is the propman lost his job. Rebuilt again, the Globe and all other theaters were closed down in 1642 by the Puritans. Two years later, the Globe was destroyed.

Productions were staged in the same manner as they were done in Shakespeare's day. The rectangular stage jutted out into the audience and was surrounded by three tiers of seating. In Shakespeare's day, groundlings could stand in the pit and watch performances for a penny. (You can do it today, too, for more than a penny, but I highly recommend getting a seat.) The first two tiers were called Two Penny Rooms and the uppermost tier was the Penny Gallery.


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