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Salisbury Cathedral

STONEHENGE....I was warned, and I'm warning you. .A trip to Stonehenge is disappointing. .However, there are some things you have to do -- even after being warned. .Stonehenge is built at a "Y" intersection of two main roads. There is no reason that the roads should ever have been built so close to this site. .My guide said one of the dumbest questions she ever heard was, "Why was Stonehenge built so close to the road -- 5000 years ago?" .There were thousands of tourists and ropes keeping them back. .Way back. .In the past you could walk among the ruins and touch the stones. .No more. .Now you need a good zoom lens to get your photos. Under those circumstances, it didn't take long to have "been there and done that." .And after doing that, be sure to stroll medieval Salisbury and its cathedral.


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