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The NASH HOUSE....Shakespeare had three children. Susanna was the oldest child and then there were the twins, Hamnet and Judith. Hamnet died when he was just eleven. Judith appearantly didn't marry very well. Her husband, a wine merchant, liked what he sold too much. Their three sons all died young. Susanna's daughter Elizabeth married a wealthy barrister, Thomas Nash. She never had children. When she died at the age of 61, she was the last of Shakespeare's direct family line.

To the right of the Nash House was the home where Shakespeare lived in 1616, when he died. It was called New House. It was reported to be magnificent. One guide said it had to be since Dr. Hall and Susanna left their own home to move into New House while the mother-in-law was still there. Unfortunately, the place was destroyed. Some sources said it was because the owner was tired of people knocking at the door to see Shakespeare's house, but it makes more sense that it had something to do with an owner who was upset about taxes.


the foundation of New House amid the gardens
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