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HOLY TRINITY CHURCH....Set on the banks of the Avon, the first records of Holy Trinity Church date back to 845. The first church would have been built of wood, but the present stone structure was begun in 1210.

The stone above the grave is so badly eroded that if Shakespeare's name is on it, I couldn't see it. But, that doesn't stop 200,000 visitors a year from coming to Holy Trinity Church. Actually, you can see the graves of William, Anne, Susanna, John, and Elizabeth all lined up together in the front of the church.

It is said that Shakespear was buried twenty feet below the surface to prevent anyone from stealing anything. Atop the stone, in very difficult to decipher English, is the poem:

xxxxxxxxxxxGood friend, for Jesus' sake forbear,

xxxxxxxxxxxTo dig the dust enclosed here.

xxxxxxxxxxxBlest be the man that spares these stones,

xxxxxxxxxxxBut cursed be he that moves my bones.


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