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WARWICK CASTLE ....The first Earl of Warwick, Henry de Newburgh, was given his title in 1088 by William the Conqueror after the Norman Conquest. And, his medieval castle along the River Avon was described by Sir Walter Scott as "the most noble site in England". After passing through the hands of 20 Earls, the castle and grounds were converted into one of the most visited castles in the the world.

There is a lot to see and do both inside and outside the castle. The furnishings inside the castle are as grand as you would imagine, but the wax figures inside each room were equally amazing. They were the most lifelike figures I'd ever seen. If you watched them long enough, and I did, you wouldn't have been surprised to see an eye blink on a slight hand movement. But, that didn't happen. They really were wax.

Outside of the castle were gardens (with peacocks, naturally), jesters, jugglers, kids with swords (thankfully plastic), and soaring eagles.


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