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No walking on water


SEA of GALILEE..... I spent most of my time in Israel with friends who lived in the northern city of Haifa. However, there were a few days when I went off by myself to see what there was to see. And on one of those trips, I had to see the sea, the Sea of Galilee, that is.

On the way there, I passed through Nazareth. It was another bustling Arab city that was nothing like what I envisioned the hometown of Jesus to look like. I walked the streets some and then took a picture of the Nazareth Church of the Nazarene. It sounded fitting. The building was made of the same kind of limestone seen all over Jerusalem.

I continued on my way to Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee. I really wanted to take the boat across to Capernaum and explore, but there wasn't time. And since I hadn't practiced up on my walking on water skills, there weren't too many options available for me to choose from.


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