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The Jericho Road

Goat Trails


JERICHO...... Not far from Jerusalem in the Judean wilderness was Jericho, one of the world's oldest cities. The road to Jericho was where the story of the Good Samaritan took place. I always knew the guy in need of the Samaritan's help was suffering in the middle of nowhere, but I had no idea he was suffering AND miserably hot at the same time. It was a very hot wilderness.

There were some monasteries in the vacinity, but I didn't learn if they were in the area during the time of the Good Samaritan. Even if they were, it didn't appear that anyone from them -- or anyone else -- was willing to lift a finger to help the man in need.

At first glance, if you looked at these hills in the Judean wilderness, there didn't appear to be much to see. However, upon closer inspection, you could see little criss-cross lines throughout the hillside. They were goat trails.


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