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Shipping on the Red Sea
flag commemorating the Arab Revolt

AQABA......Half the adventure was getting there -- especially at night. Roads were not clearly marked and street lights were non-existent. At some intersections it just wasn't clear which way to go. Of course, we made mistakes and were completely lost. Hoping for the best, we continued on until the road ended at some kind of compound in the wilderness. They spoke a little English and when we said we wanted to go to Aqaba, they really laughed. But one young man decided to drive us to the highway. We never would have found it otherwise, and he knew it. And unlike so many other parts of the world, he refused a tip. He just smiled and said, "Welcome to Jordan."

Located at the tip of Jordan by the Red Sea, Aqaba is the place where Jordanians and tourists alike come for sunshine and water. The hotel had a beach club out of town for those interested in tanning, snorkeling, and diving. It's also the country's only port and a tax free zone so a lot of people go to Aqaba for the shopping. I would go back anytime just to eat at Ali Baba's. We had such great service - and the food was so delicious and plentiful. Way too much food!


not exactly my choice of beachwear
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