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MADABA ......Madaba's claim to fame was the 6th century Byzantine mosaic map of the floor of St. George's Church. The guidebook said the mosaic of the Middle East wasn't as impressive as others, and they were right. I really couldn't make anything out of the mosaic. However, the other - newer - ones in the church were incredible. Madaba was a center for the making of mosaics. A school started in 1992 was the only one of its kind in the Middle East. But I guess they have been doing mosaics for some time before then, the map mosaic dated back to 560 A.D. Originally, it contained two million pieces and was at least 15 by 6 meters. It was a good time to say, "It's Greek to me." The map, in Greek, depicted all the major Biblical sites in the Middle East. I couldn't identify anything.

Lunch was a traditional Jordanian meal in Madaba at Haret Jdoudna. You'd almost have to know about it to find the place, but it was in the guidebooks. However, tucked away in a back street was a treasure complex of restaurants and shops with unique architecture, carpets, gardens and souvenirs. Of course, there were regular tables but I wanted the low table with cushions around it. My friends ordered. I didn't know what it all was, but there was a lot and it was so good. We all could have used the pillows afterwards to sleep.


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