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CANAKKALE.........Getting there by bus was half the fun. As soon as we crossed the Dardanelles by ferry, I was in Canakkale. It was a calm little town. I walked the shore front with cafes, fishing boats, and a Trojan Horse left over from Brad Pitt's movie. A very friendly Information Office set me up with all I needed. This was so much cheaper than a tour, but I found one drawback. A tour would have taken me to Troy right away. But, I relied on public transportation with mini buses to Troy on a weird schedule. I couldn't see Troy until the following day. So, I walked Canakkle.

My hotel, half the price of the one in Istanbul and so much better, was my favorite part of the entire Canakkale experience. I couldn't believe I was staying in it. The Kervansaray Hotel was an old Ottoman building with 12 feet ceilings, antique molding, and rich maroon curtains. (Be sure to scroll over the photo of the hotel.) Satellite TV didn't hurt but I only found one channel in English. And, I fell asleep before I could watch one program.


    The Kervansaray Hotel
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