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BOSPHORUS...... Another "must do" item is a boat ride up the Bosphorus to the Black Sea. But, I really wouldn't recommend it on a cold winter day. There are beautiful old villas dating back to the Ottoman Empire and even earlier. The final destination is Anadolu Kavagi on the Asian side. It is a fishing village on the edge of the Black Sea. There is a 14th century Byzantine castle overlooking the Bosphorus. But, it was freezing on my visit. After hiking to the castle, I snuggled up with a book and some apple tea at a café until the boat was scheduled to depart.

If you are not up for a six hour boat trip, there is a shorter option. You can take a two hour ride up the river to the second bridge in the city. You can still see a lot of beautiful old homes, palaces, a Crusader's castle, and mosques along the river.


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