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Off to Canakkale

on a bus with a steward

past fields of gre . . . er, yellow!


CANAKKALE BUS TRIP........Because of so little time in Turkey on this trip, I really thought about taking a tour to Troy. However, that ran against all of my traveling instincts. I checked on the prices for a tour and it ran around $200. I knew I could do that for half that price and have a lot more of an adventure. So, I took a bus and set out to do it myself. If the buses all over Turkey were like the Istanbul/Canakkle run, I'd be willing to go just about anywhere in the country. It was such an easy experience!

The first surprise was the quality of the bus itself. It looked just like the kind of buses that toured Antwerp, complete with air-conditioning, video (although in Turkish), and assigned seats. The driver and two ticket agents wore matching maroon uniforms and a steward took care of the passengers. The bus fare included snacks, drinks, and even a refreshing solution for your hands.

We stopped for a break, and I thought it was lunch. But, it was only ten minutes. I could eat fast, but I had to gulp to finish before the bus pulled out. It was one of those things you learn through experience. On the reverse trip, I knew better. And, of course, on this run the steward warned me that it was just ten minutes.

It seemed to take hours to get out of Istanbul. It was at least three hours before I saw any of the kind of countryside. But, it was just what I expected. Well, sort of . . . there was some plant in bloom that filled fields with yellow flowers. I'd never seen anything like it before and was so pleased when one of the bus stops was conveniently in front of one of those fields.

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