Twelve Apostles .........My host said there was absolutely one thing that I had to see while in his part of the world, the Twelve Apostles.  My list was a little different and a whole lot harder to do.  I wanted to see kangaroos in the wild.  A friend of mine in Ohio considers deer to be rats with antlers.  I think that kangaroos are in the same category, rats with pouches.  Neither “rat” is all that easy to locate when you want to find them.

The Twelve Apostles are dramatic rock formations along Australia’s southern shores.  The beaches were lined with towering cliffs.  The apostles, formed by the constant erosion of the waves along the coast, stood as columns in the waters by the shore.  The waves continue to pound, and they have successfully caused a few of the apostles to fall.

It’s possible – though not recommended at all – to see the Apostles on a day-trip tour from Melbourne.  Vast hoards of tour buses arrive at the park around two in the afternoon.  Even with winter’s chill, it’s still the top attraction in the state of Victoria.  I, fortunately, spent the night at a bed and breakfast in the nearby countryside and arrived at the feet of the apostles several hours before the trippers.

And, there was another reason why I was happy to stay at that inn. 
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