Kangaroos .........The owners of the inn knew I wanted to see kangaroos.  On occasion, kangaroos and koalas roamed on that very farm.  But, it was cold and damp.  Very cold and damp.  Too cold and damp to go wandering unless success was guaranteed. 

There were no guarantees.

However, just before leaving, the owner popped in to suggest another little village that we never would have considered otherwise.  If I was going to see kangaroos in Victoria, this was most likely the place.  So, it had to be explored.

A local connection, anywhere, is always a valued treasure when traveling.  I guess nobody ever told the tour buses about our secret destination.  They were nowhere in sight.  And, I’m not spilling this secret because I’d hate to see it ruined.  And, it would be ruined.

Yes, I saw kangaroos.

This location had a mob (yes, that’s what they’re called) of about six or eight kangaroos just over a small hill.  They were close enough to photograph, but certainly too shy to let me get nearly as close as I’d like.  Then, I spied a mob scene in the distance.  It was about 35 to 40 kangaroos!  My host had never seen so many together in the wild.  I was so very pleased on a trip that was mostly a rerun experience for him that he shared this great Aussie moment.

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