MELBOURNE..........It's a rough life. In order to paint my murals in Fiji and Nauru, I had to fly to Australia. In all my world travels, I'd never reached "down under". It was about time. And, I must say, I didn't stay nearly long enough.

Melbourne is a bustling city, probably one of the most diverse populations I've ever seen anywhere. I loved it. And, it's even better if you can see it with someone from Australia. I met my host while painting a mural in Albania. Isn't that what everyone does?

A little touch of Art Deco always adds to a city tour.

In my very brief time in Melbourne, I walked a lot around the city to explore art, architecture and the Queen Victoria Market. Melbourne had elegant old architecture and some modern structures that just leave people with good taste shaking their heads. Walls were painted with murals and graffiti across the city and down some very interesting laneways.

My host lived in a neighborhood called Fitzroy. It was one of Melbourne's oldest neighborhoods. Once a place for industrial workers, it is now a trendy area famous for its beautiful grillwork, murals, restaurants and boutiques.

Iron Grillwork decorates many beautiful buildings in Melbourne.

If you are so inclined, the number one site to see in the state of Victoria is the Twelve Apostles. The rock formations can be seen on a day bus trip from Melbourne. However, you should never do that. It doesn't give you enough time to enjoy the sites and you'll truly be swarmed by a gazillion other tourists as well. It doesn't matter what time of year you go. It is that popular.

And, as amazing as the Apostles were, I might place kangaroos in the wild even a little higher on my list.

The Twelve Apostles before the hoards of tourist buses arrive.
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