Beqa Island..........When I picked Veresa's brain, he walked me to the point in his village that overlooked the ocean. In the distance, he pointed out Beqa Island where he grew up. Suddenly, I had a destination for an adventure in Fiji.

Veresa suggested a visit to Lawaki Beach where his sister could host me and give me the kind of Fiji experience I adore. He didn't have to suggest twice.

Alas, sometimes when traveling, things just do not go the way as expected. No matter the preparations, sometimes things just to not make sense. As planned, I went to Lawaki Beach. However, there was no sister. There was no village. There were no firewalkers (an island specialty). There was no cultural experience. Lawaki Beach was a privately owned island resort. And, I was the only guest.

It was a lovely, very quiet, island experience.

Copyright 2016 by Phillip Martin All rights reserved.
Copyright 2016 by Phillip Martin All rights reserved.



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